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At RHA Wales we believe that we deliver more than just housing. We believe that our holistic approach to work can ensure we build sustainable communities and improve the lives of those around us. To achieve this we recognise the need to invest in our communities.

Our ambitious high street developments of The Big Shed and The Little Shed are examples of our commitments. But we recognise that we can do more.


We want to better understand our communities and the role we can play within the ‘Foundational Economy’ of south Wales. This is the everyday, yet essential economy employing an estimated 1 in 4 jobs in Wales.

It is said that this is often an overlooked and taken for granted part of our economy, but it’s really important for us to think about, as it involves the businesses and organisations that are truly rooted in their communities, the ones that can’t be moved abroad, here one minute and gone the next. The foundational economy is concerned with the very building blocks and cornerstones of our fantastic communities, such as our high street shops and small businesses.

At RHA Wales we are proud to call ourselves what many people will recognise as an ‘Anchor Institution’

Operating at the heart of our communities, we recognise that our success goes hand in hand with the success of  those living in our communities.

We realise that by investing locally, we can help boost local business and increase employment opportunities for local residents– enabling our communities to become even stronger.

Find out more on how we will do this here.

Resilient Communities – Working with amazing partners

We also understand that building stronger communities is more than spending money. We’re proud to be working with local projects and with organisations. These real community champions include:

  • Tonypandy, Treorchy and Treherbert and District Chamber of Trade
  • Welcome to Our Woods and the Rhondda Skyline project
  • Canolfan Pentre in supporting our GrubHub project
  • Creative collaborations with The Arts Factory in the Rhondda Fach
  • Cambrian Village Trust and Llamharan Drop-In Centre
  • Our Be Active Health and Wellbeing partnership

Read more on our RHA Communities page.

Finally, please do get in touch

We are now actively reaching out to local businesses and organisations and exploring how we can work together. How we can:

Make it easier for small businesses to provide services for us?

Support new business ideas to develop and thrive.

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