Planned improvements

Every year we make sure that planned improvements are carried out to your homes. This ensures that your home and buildings are kept in good condition and meet latest standards.

Every part of your home has components which are things like kitchen units, windows, bathroom suites, front and back doors, etc.

Every component has a life expectancy and we will plan to replace such components at the end of their life, depending on their condition. The table below provides guidance on the life expectancy of certain types of components.

Type of Component Life Expectancy
Kitchen Units 15 Years
Windows 30 Years
Bathroom Suites 25 Years
Front and Back Doors 25 Years


To find out the condition of the components, our surveyors aim to survey 20% of our homes and buildings every year. This survey is called a ‘Home Improvement Survey’. We will get in touch with you to make an appointment when your survey is due.

Once the time comes to replace a particular type of component, you will be given a choice of colours and styles wherever possible. In addition to replacing components, we also make sure that the outside of your homes and inside communal areas are painted every five years where needed.

Want to find out more about the improvements planned for your home? Then contact team one of our team on 01443 424200.

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