We want this site to be accessible to as many viewers as possible. There are a number of methods that allow you to change the way you view the website; this is to ensure we meet as many accessibility needs as possible. Please see details below:

Changing text size
If you find the text on the screen is hard to read, it is possible to increase the text size. To do this using Internet Explorer (all versions) click on “View” > “Text Size” and then select the size you feel you are happy with.

Adjusting text and colour changes

• Click on “Tools” > “Internet Options” and then select the button labelled “Colours” at the bottom of the panel.
• You can now either use the Windows colour option or specify the colours you would like to use by un-ticking the “use Windows colours” box, and selecting the relevant colours in the panel.

To change the text style

• Click on “Tools” > “Internet Options” and then select the button labelled “Fonts” towards the bottom of the panel.
• You can now choose the text style and size you are happy with.

Screen Magnification

• You may also use the screen magnification tool to zoom in or out of each page. To do this click on the magnification icon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. (Click on the down arrow to select a comfortable size)

Note: If this does not appear on your web browser, please ensure that the status bar is being shown. To do this, right click on any blank area of the toolbar and select “status bar” if it isn’t already checked. See below:

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