Home adaptation

There may come a time when you need an adaptation to your home. This could be for adaptions like a walk in shower, a stair lift or vertical lift.

If you live in one of our homes and you think that you may need this type of work carried out to your home, then please contact RCT Council by telephoning 01443 425003. If you think that you may need this type of work carried out to your home to help your child, then please contact them on 01443 425006. The council will then arrange for an occupational therapist to come and meet you and to assess your needs.

Once this has been done, they will then send us a copy of their assessment. Our Adaptations Surveyor will then contact you and will arrange for the works to be carried out by one of our approved contractors when the funding for the work has been approved by the Welsh Government.

If there are any reasons why we cannot carry out the adaptation works, then our adaptations surveyor will contact you to discuss this in more detail with you.

If you feel that you need a minor adaptation to your home, such as grab rails, shower seats or lever taps, then please contact RCT council by telephoning 01443 425003 or drop them an email [email protected]   You can also visit their website for more information: RCTCBC disabled facilities grants.

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