Know more about rent

Your rent pays for:

  • Providing the tenancy services you receive from your Housing and Tenant Involvement teams and the back office support teams
  • The maintenance of your homes through day-to-day repairs
  • Investment in your homes through our planned works programme e.g the installation of new kitchens and bathrooms
  • Mortgage payments on the money borrowed to build much-needed affordable homes

Service charges

Services charges are paid for the specific services you receive from us and usually relate to the communal areas in and around your home. The charges for each service are based on the actual cost of providing that service the previous year. Most service charges are eligible for housing benefit and Universal Credit.

This is a summary of some of the main service charges:

  • Communal cleaning – Cleaning of the communal areas.
  • Communal electricity – The cost of electricity for street lights in non-adopted estates and/or providing electricity for lighting in communal areas where you live.
  • Grounds maintenance – The cost of cutting grass and maintaining the outdoor communal areas of your estate or scheme.
  • Communal TV aerial – The cost of providing and maintaining a shared TV aerial on your estate, scheme or block of flats.
  • Fire equipment – The cost of providing and maintaining fire equipment in your property, scheme or block of flats.
  • Communal heating/hot water – The cost for providing heating and/or hot water in the communal areas where you live.
  • CCTV Maintenance – The cost of providing and maintaining CCTV equipment in the communal areas where you live.
  • Lift maintenance – The cost of servicing and maintaining the lift at your scheme/block of flats.
  • Water rates – The cost of providing a water supply to your individual flat.
The above list is not exhaustive.

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