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RHA / Be Active

Be Active is our health and wellbeing project, offering help to:

• Become more active
• Improve your health
• Understand nutrition
• Increase wellbeing

If you’re an RHA tenant and would prefer one to support to improve your health, or if you’d like to chat about the project before deciding if it’s for you, you can chat to Steph over the phone or speak to your housing officer who can give you more information.

We offer a weekly yoga classes and walking groups which are open to anyone. Email Steph to book a space or for more information.

Get in touch with Steph

Greener RCT

In this time of climate emergency, we are delighted to have received UK Government funding which enables us to launch our new exciting Greener RCT project.

We will be offering educational activities and opportunities that will address the importance of working to address climate change. We’ll be working across RCT, in partnership with local businesses, schools, colleges, the construction industry and community groups to champion change through collective climate action.

RHA / Greener RCT

Get Skilled

Get Skilled is our project to assist tenants and community members with building new skills and gaining work experience.

We can offer a wide range of work experience from things like customer services, carpentry and community work. We also work with our partners to offer opportunities in construction skills.

If you want to know more, want to volunteer with or want to refer someone you can contact us directly at [email protected] or call the Get Involved team on 01443 424200.

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