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In this time of climate emergency, we are delighted to have received UK Government funding which enables us to launch our new exciting Greener RCT project.

We are offering educational activities and opportunities that address the importance of working to combat climate change. We are working across RCT, in partnership with local businesses, schools, colleges, the construction industry and community groups championing change through collective climate action.

We are delivering on three 3 objectives:

  • Educating local people on the impact of climate change and the importance of climate action
  • Researching and designing a ‘Green Skills’ career pathway in maintenance and construction
  • To action change locally through testing and trialing a ‘Green High Street’ in Tonypandy

Our Greener RCT project officer delivers on our commitment to see communities thrive and become places tenants can enjoy and be proud of. They  champion the importance of climate action, bringing people together in accessible and relatable ways through fun and interactive educational sessions, networks and events.

Educating local people

We work with the Carbon Literacy Project to offer Carbon Literacy training in schools, to community groups, local businesses, contractors and stakeholders and will increase ‘awareness of the carbon dioxide costs and impacts of everyday activities.  We aim to establish a Citizens’ Climate Action Network, working with other organisations such as RCT Climate Action Network to continue raising awareness and enabling continuous consultation on green issues.

Green Skills pathway

We are working with our research partner, to map mapping training providers, service deliverers, contractors, trades people and local businesses and identify the appetite for a ‘Green Skills Network’ which will help address the skills shortage in sustainable and renewable technologies, methods of construction and land management.

The research carried out will enable us to establish the ‘Green Skills Network’, and develop a pathway for a ‘Greens Skills Academy’ to become a centre in RCT.

Green High Street

We are working with Tonypandy Chamber of Trade, to and identify steps/actions on becoming an Eco High Street.  We want to work with local businesses to evaluate their environmental impact and capture a full picture of their  sustainability commitments.

We will  carry out a community consultation to help deliver a a greener more sustainable town could help not only from a climate emergency perspective but in terms of regenerating the town, and creating a vibrant, prosperous high street.

We will support businesses with training to showcase their commitment towards sustainability and local spend and help improve their business reach, supporting the long-term goal of getting Tonypandy on the map and being recognised as a Green High Street. 

Rhianydd Jenkins – Director of Regeneration & Development said:

We are really pleased to have secured this funding which enables us to deliver real change within our communities. By raising awareness, knowledge and understanding around green skills and all things sustainability we aim to help our communities to live a greener and more sustainable life in a variety of ways. This vital work cross cuts so much of our ongoing projects, particularly our focus on regeneration and ensuring the work we do supports the sustainability of our communities and offers opportunities for our future generations to prosper. 

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