Rent Changes 2024

Like all housing associations, RHA Wales is regulated by Welsh Government.

In October 2023, Welsh Government wrote to us to tell us how much we can increase our rents. In early 2024 we sent you  ‘notice of rent change 2024-2025’ letter in the post which included confirmation of service charges (if you pay them). Plus we included support and advice information which is available to you and your families.

In November 2023 we consulted with you on the affordability of our rents, value for money on our services and asked for your thoughts on what we should include in our rent policy.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to get involved, and we included an update on the rent consultation with your rent notice as we listened, and you helped inform our decision on rents. From 3rd April 2024 your rent increased by 6.7%.


In order to decide how much rents need to increase by we consider all of the costs of providing services and repairs and maintenance to homes and we also complete a detailed assessment of the affordability of our rents for our tenants to understand which homes might be most affected by a rent increase.

We know that everyone is continuing to experience an increase in the cost of living, for example the cost of food, fuel, and utility bills and that the affordability of our rent is very important in the context of this.

Unfortunately, these cost increases also affect housing associations and the cost of delivering our services and maintaining our homes to the same level has also increased for example cost of materials and ensuring all our homes are well maintained and safe in line with existing and new legislation. Due to this, we have had to increase our rents for our homes from April 2024.

Most benefits and the state pensions will increase in April, but we appreciate many tenants will be concerned about how to afford their rent alongside other outgoings.

So, we have suite of support options available to you. Alongside advice and one to one assistance of our Payment Advice team and your Housing Officers.


We understand that you may need advice or support, please take a look below at what you need to know:
  • Contact your Payment Advisor if you have any difficulties paying your rent or service charge. Call us on 01443 424200 so we can work with you to find a solution.
  • If your Housing Benefit is paid direct to us, we’ll confirm your new charges with the local authority Housing Benefit Office.
  • If your Housing Benefit or Universal Credit is paid direct to you, it’s your responsibility to make sure Housing Benefit, or for Universal Credit, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), know your new charges and make any relevant changes.
  • Please remember, if you’re on Universal Credit update your claim until online on your journal.
  • Cost of living advice and support: Take a look at our dedicated Cost of Living Help Centre and Energy Saving Advice on our website.
  • Read your RHA Support & Advice leaflet sent to each home: With your rent letter, we have provided an information leaflet which outlines the support you can access.
  • Independent Advice: We can signpost you to other independent experts, sources of advice plus community support available to you.

Step Change Debt Charity

Citizens Advice Bureau — Advice Link Cymru

RCT Cost of Living Support

Welsh Government Cost of Living Support


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