RHA and Coastal Housing are creating a new, combined organisation

We’re pleased to share that we’ve started talking to our friends at Coastal Housing Group about merging to form a new organisation.

We want to create a 10,000 home organisation for the future; one which constantly raises the bar to deliver improved services and homes for our tenants. We’ll have increased capacity and resilience to deliver a greater number of new, high-quality homes each year.

We’re focused on growth and investment in existing homes and services, and we also want to create a more resilient organisation with a wider geographical reach.

There are strong, shared values across RHA and Coastal and we’re excited to explore creating a new, combined organisation which can have an even greater impact across the communities within which we operate and beyond.

The key drivers for the proposed merger have been jointly identified as:

  • To be in the strongest position to meet the challenges and expectations for housing associations in the coming years
  • To achieve increased capacity for growth and greater organisational resilience
  • To maintain and improve the quality of homes and services to our residents by combining our resources and expertise
  • To maintain and improve our community regeneration work
  • To enable greater capacity and resilience to learn, explore and develop new and enhanced services for our tenants
  • To be an employer of choice, able to recruit and retain talented skilled colleagues

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