Ethical procurement – working to sustain our communities and minimising our environmental impact.

RHA procures, or purchases, a variety of goods and services in order to provide its services to tenants.  This ranges from large scale contracts for the development of new housing, to smaller scale purchases – such as stationary to keep our offices running smoothly.

Our Values

We will always looks to undertake its procurement responsibly, with our tenants at the heart of everything that we do.  This means not just considering price, but also thinking about if what we purchase is the best option –  for our tenants and also wider community.  What option will deliver the best social value?

RHA is committed to working with our local communities, as well as encouraging investment in those communities, either directly by appointing local contractors where we can, or by working with our contractors to develop the local economy through the use of local subcontractors and suppliers, employing local people or developing wider benefits for the community where the contract is being delivered. More information about our community investment work can be found here.

We also seek to ensure that any procurement undertaken is ethical – we have made commitments to working in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. Any supplier appointed must also match our aims and objectives in terms of equality and diversity and ethical sourcing – RHA is committed to eradicating modern slavery in its supply chains.

Our Communities

When implementing contracts, RHA will consult with our tenants and communities that will be impacted by those contracts to ensure that they meet their needs and considerations, as well as RHA’s. This may be through direct consultation, or through working with our tenant involvement group to get feedback and will consider things such as the quality of the goods or services being purchased, the relationship we want to see our contractors establishing with our tenants and communities, ethical considerations and wider objectives that may be set by external agencies such the Welsh Government. If you have any views on what you would like to see from our contracts and our suppliers, please feel free to let us know by contacting us here.

Our Future

All of our procurement opportunities will be advertised via Sell2Wales. RHA will also look to publish information regarding its upcoming procurement opportunities and plans. In the meantime, if you would like to know more get in touch here. You can also view our contract terms and conditions here.

Any queries regarding any of our opportunities, or about how RHA does business, can be addressed via email to [email protected]. We aim to provide information through our website that will support any prospective contractors in completing their submissions but we are always happy to provide more information if it’s needed.

Once a contractor has been appointed, RHA will work closely with them to ensure that the contract runs smoothly and that the expected outcomes are achieved. We aim to keep our tenants and communities informed about progress with our contracts and what benefits RHA has been able to achieve through them here.

By working collaboratively with our communities in our procurement, RHA can better support local people and the local economy, helping to build a more prosperous Wales.

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